Hi Friends !

Welcome to what is essentially a very fancy Linktree, but I felt it was time I levelled up the image of myself so here we are.

This website is best used as a place where you can explore the various content I create in the form of youtube videos, podcasts, and more!

I am also currently, advising established companies, start-ups, and influencers on Crypto/ NFT Strategy and implementation, so in the short term, they can integrate their user experiences within the crypto space and in the (long-term) commerce with various metaverse territories, so collectively we are able to increase consumer engagement to positively improve the value exchange and source new innovative income streams. - If that is something you might be intrested in please get in touch here

The Youtube

Hi, I'm Viraj!

I document, my crypto knowledge as a kind of like a living CV but also because I'm super passionate about it, but I might create videos on how to be the best version of myself, Technology and Lifestyle-Design.

The Podcast / Audio Experience

Conversations about the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power - The world we live in is intense, sometimes crazy, more challenging than people make out, and always unpredictable.

Here we cover the incredible stories and journey's from the most fascinating & inspirational people over a podcast. Some of our guests are celebrated public figures, and others are the worlds’ best-kept secrets.

I don’t have questions, but what I do have is the desire to dive into the lives of these incredible individuals.

Entertainment Business

Smoke Sessions delivers unfiltered, unapologetic, and unruly hot takes directly to your feed.

Your hosts Muhsin Yesilada and Viraj Acharya, (along with guests) talk ABSOLUTE nonsense over a fire and a shisha, discussing everything under the sun with some of the most disturbing thoughts. If you are sensitive this podcast is not for you, then again it could break you out of that shell of yours.

But if you miss a good old smoke sesh buckle up and breathe.