How To Get Yourself Out Of A Rut

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How To Get Yourself Out Of A Rut

It’s more than just taking a break

Do you ever feel trapped in your head? Everywhere you look negativity is closing in as you spin the hamster wheel of life in circles trying to escape, and yet you remain stuck.

Going absolutely nowhere.

All the while sinking, deeper, in the depths of your rut.

Don’t fear, we all go through it. In the week just passed, I was in my own rut. Life seemed so bleak, the colours of the outside world were dull, rooms felt icy cold, conversations seemed insignificant. I had slowly been retreating into the confines of my mind, thinking that the problems that were arising from being back in the UK could be solved by me, myself and I.

The perfect metaphor for how I was feeling would be:

Being on autopilot, waking up and realising the mountain I’m trying to climb is the size of Everest.

In short, I had fallen out of love with the process and wasn’t sure if I could recapture the feeling again.

One of my most significant flaws is that I don’t know when to stop working, I have an imperfect mindset that the amount of time that I put into a task is equivalent to its quality. Which sounds great on paper, but in fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Thus, since I have started on my journey of building an online presence, I have gradually worn myself down, unknowingly, into this rut.

In reflection, I realise now that I consistently inflict this upon myself throughout my life. Though my ‘tolerance’ of ruts has increased. The severity of them is significantly worse. They feel as if all your energy has been drained out, and nothing, absolutely nothing, can inspire you to get back on your horse to continue the adventure that is life.

At the start of last week, I decided to ‘take a break’. I didn’t want to consume anything related to my work. On Monday, I found myself throughout the day being drawn to the computer. Feeling a gut-wrenching sense of guilt that if I refused to write my articles or complete my online certifications, I would be hindering the progress of my digital journey.

It’s tough, knowing that we need to stop and take stock of our conscious and unconscious actions, instead of mindlessly continuing to create & consume on autopilot. To say I felt angry at myself would be true, but only as I was further causing damage to myself.

Thus, I decided to build something, a website! But, not just any old site, my website. I bought the domain and got creative... It’s a beautiful feeling to immerse yourself in creating something, whether it be putting together a coffee-table; painting a canvas or fixing a broken toy. The sense of calm, tranquillity as we navigate the unknown and notice the parts of the respective object becoming whole is a feeling that warms the soul and reinvigorates life even when we are in the deepest of ruts. To build with our blood, sweat, tears and time is truly a beautiful experience to be part of.

At the time I stopped working. I realised I had a lack of inputs into my creative work. I had unknowingly overtime reduced the conversations I was having with other individuals and myself, from lengthy deep emotional dialogues ranging from the psychology of human nature and why it is frowned upon to pay for intimacy to understanding the camera transitions in cinematography to quick catch-ups, simple small talk.

I was able to have an extended dialogue with friends and family throughout the latter part of the week, which were positive. The immersion of the discussion, casting aside for the moment my struggles falsely manifested internally making sure I was directing my whole attention to being caught up in the experiences of others provided a sense of calm and curiosity that I hadn’t felt in a while.

What I’m getting at is, reversing ourselves out of a rut requires understanding what led us there in the first place and the actions that will pull us out of one. Despite all the brainpower we have our minds are complex, and we can, at times, find that we get lost in the depths of it.

Yet we must remember, not all complicated problems require complicated fixes. Simply recognising an action that brings us delight, one that we can truly immerse ourselves in, is one aspect of the solution to the rut we find ourselves in. While our passions do escape us, finding a way to weave them into our life is paramount.

We all need those small nuggets of happiness that remind us of why life is so beautiful so that when we look back up at our mountains, and we can’t see the peak, we are not disheartened because the view from where we are now is breathtaking.

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