My Next Phase

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The online world is a vast landscape of all types of content. A universe that we can peer into, with something for everyone to consume. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been writing articles on Medium as part of a 5-year plan, set out for myself to develop a passive income stream. As of right now, I’ve earned $1.30. It’s a slow grind and I’m in it for the long haul. Honestly, writing has never been easy for me; I actively avoided creatively pursuing it. To say I was fearful of my ability would be true; I didn’t have faith in myself. But, as Simon Sinek says “The hardest part is starting…” Once I got into the swing of things and moved from long-winded stories to shorter bite-sized reads, it enabled me to overcome the ‘small’ hump of only managing 500 words in 10 hours. Which has forced me to innovate my style of writing, and enhanced my storytelling ability.

The next phase of the plan is to enter into the corner of the internet that is home to the greatest addiction of the digital age.


Video content used to make up a significant portion of my day. To some extent it still does, though the quality of the content and how it impacts my life is remarkably better. No more are the endless clickbaity Youtube videos fuelling my procrastination. The reasoning for journeying down this path is to improve my storytelling through video while further understanding how to carve out my space on the internet better, in addition to learning how to video edit. In short, I’ve got an itch to create not perpetually consume.

The majority of content we consume falls into two categories, entertainment and education. However, educational content does need some entertainment to remain engaging. I feel I gravitate towards the latter; I’ll leave the hardcore entertainment to the pros for now. That being said, never say never! Some of my favourite creators are Casey Neistat, MKBHD, Mr JWW, Matt D’Avella, Nathaniel Drew, Peter McKinnon and Shelby Church. Each of them provides a transfer of knowledge in their respective domains, sometimes even crossing over into new ones. Each video they create is a mini-movie; the sound, lighting, perspectives and even speech are meticulously curated. What sets them apart, is their ability to push the boundaries of imparting knowledge through video, consistently.

What to create is the million-dollar question. At this moment in time, I have some ideas but can’t choose where to start. Most say, start with the things you are passionate about and go from there.


One of my greatest passions is vehicles — cars, motorbikes, planes, trains. It’s anything that can go fast.

“There’s a point, seven thousand RPM, where everything fades. The machine becomes weightless, just disappears. And all that’s left is a body moving through space and time.” A truly riveting symbiosis.

These machines, these movable pieces of art are more than just metal and fuel; they have souls just like us.

Money & Wealth

The concept of money and wealth is one that I’ve always been intrigued by. More recently, how to get out of the rat race of life and enjoy what is left of the precious time we have on this spinning ball of mud and rock in space. I find that more often than not, people refrain from discussing finances but are happy to ‘show off their latest toys’. It’s a taboo topic in society and I want to help break that mould, to give others a blueprint for using their money for more than just a means to an end.

Different styles of living

The world has changed during the COVID pandemic; the norm of the past is not the one that we’ll take into the future. Individuals will need to change their outlook on what they want out of life but also how they’ll live. The real-estate market has always been the backbone of our society (at least up until the 08 Financial crisis) probably due to us all needing a place to live. My interest in different ways of living stems from my childhood, at weekends my dad and I would watch Grand Designs, absolutely in awe of the architectural feats, most highly unconventional, that were accomplished with a reasonable amount of money. Nowadays, whether we live in a van, a container house or even a boat, as long as we’ve got a stable wifi connection, we can earn a living, and I would like to explore those options.


Over the last year, I have had the privilege to explore a significant proportion of Europe and India. Unknowingly it has rekindled a love for travel, adventure, experiences that I thought I’d lost. Being able to travel through the continent by car re-opened my eyes to the beauty of the environment. Whether it be the Swiss Mountains or the Spanish plains, the French Riviera or the Tuscan hills, each tells a story. Travelling in diverse ways, seeing the world through a variety of lenses, is something that I feel is worth documenting and sharing.


Our relationship with technology is one that is regularly adapting to every new product. We’ve all got a level of interest in tech, whether we like it or not. Mine is all-encompassing. I admire technology that makes my life more streamlined, whether in the arena of lifestyle, fashion, food, etc but doesn’t become overwhelming in the process. As it further seeps into our life, the need to recognise what is necessary for us will become more unclear. Buying that shiny new iPhone isn’t always the best option!

How to be the best version of yourself

My latest passion is one that is very personal to me, yet it’s something that we all strive to do daily. My time abroad, cut off from family and friends, has been monumental to the bettering of myself. I feel like I’m a new person internally but one that just so happens to look the same externally. To be the best version of ourselves is not a simple fix; it’s not the same for everyone. But, it’s an intention intrinsically woven into our DNA. I feel that more people need to be reminded of the styles to live fuller, more enjoyable lives while striving for this.

The above domains are ones that I feel I have a deep enough interest in to carve out a corner of the internet. While you might say, “Viraj, just start and see where it goes” and you would be right. I would love to hear your thoughts regarding my ideas and any suggestions that you feel I could divulge in.

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