Our underrated superpower

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Happiness is a superpower, an emotion that causes; colours to seem impossibly vivid; a smile to feel awfully painful at times; joyful tears to trickle down your cheek. The direct connection of happiness on the body and mind is an understated, underrated, superpower. There is a misunderstood narrative in society today where we believe by doing tasks that cause misery, we will somehow find delight in them. We consistently push ourselves to undertake activities that do not induce happiness. To say we take it for granted would be true, never wholly appreciating the fleeting moments on offer as this sensation appears and vanishes.

Over time, by observing myself, I understand now that our happiness has become intrinsically intertwined with others. Whether it be a partner, parent, friend or sibling, each has an ability to corrupt our joy. While we see it as another person’s wrongdoing, this fault is internal to us. My happiness throughout my youth was woven into my parents and sibling. Not the healthiest way to live, but I thought no different. Whenever my family were unhappy I would be downcast, when they were ecstatic I would be overjoyed with them. This bond was detrimental for my growth, like a puppet on strings, my emotions were pulled in every direction. Realising this was unhealthy, I sought to untie the internal thread. I’m not saying that I removed myself from my family but I did have to rediscover what truly makes me happy, to not be a burden to myself going forward.

“It turns out our brains are literally hardwired to perform at their best not when they are negative or even neutral, but when they are positive.” — Shaw Achor

When we are overcome with happiness, we’re primed to enjoy life more, to view it through rose-tinted glasses. This, in turn, allows a clear mind, removing the stress and anxiety that has been bottled up over time, helping the body recover and return to its baselines levels. Enabling a more adventurous mindset, to take risks, welcoming opportunities that would have previously declined, ultimately opening doors towards a better future. Happiness allows us to flourish in our definitions of success. This sensation is a perpetual engine that empowers and sustains our growth.

Happiness may bring success, but success alone will not bring happiness.

An environment of happiness is key to our collective growth. Whether it be a fleeting smile from a stranger that you helped cross the road or a hug from a loved one after a long day, both have the same internal reaction. The release of a concoction of chemicals. A combination of D.O.S.E or Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins are released into our bloodstreams through experiences in our lives, each providing a different flavour but resulting in the same goal.

We want to strive for more in life, to reach for experiences that only our wildest dreams can imagine. To be the best version of ourselves, harnessing the underrated superpower internal to us all. So, go forth and get yourself a dose of happiness!

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