Podcasting, a form of therapy

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A podcast is a unique source of knowledge, unlike a book. A listener can hear the emotions and tones of an individual describing their experiences, whereas, reading a book doesn’t allow you to physically comprehend the author, you’re reading in the voice of your mind. Audio enables you not to be a fly on the wall, rather, it’s as if you are in the discussion.

Wanting to create a podcast stemmed from wanting to document my life while providing value to listeners through the learnings, a combination of my selfless and selfish tendencies. To give individuals from all walks of life a platform to help others in similar positions. Showcasing that everyone has learnings, they can divulge and teach others. But, also have a place where I could hear my thoughts. I started with the latter, storytelling through my own experiences was the only option to be able to begin without reliance on anybody else.

Audio, as mentioned before, has a depth akin to drama movies. It’s a deepness that I wasn’t ready to bring myself to uncover. When you start a one-person podcast, it’s surprisingly hard to begin talking. Mentally I found myself providing excuses, overtly procrastinating. Scared. The irony being I was afraid of my voice, frightened of the feelings, emotions, thoughts all restrained internally over my lifetime would be let out in the open, for the world to ridicule.

The episodes became a treatment to the issues I was having and had in my life. It became an arena where I duelled my problems in real-time, preventing them from pinballing inside my head. Freezing them in time, allowing me to dissect and understand how they were affecting me. By focusing solely on being as true to myself as possible the rawness meant that listeners could connect with me, able to comment on what they thought about what I was discussing, opening up a dialogue which allowed me to inspect and adapt.

The truth always connects people.

Podcasting allowed me to work through my issues. Developing a love for myself, my mind that I previously thought was nonexistent. It’s more than just speaking words into a mic. It’s therapy.

Here’s a link to my podcast — ‘I will name this podcast later’

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