Trusting Yourself

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Trusting Yourself

The time is now

We live in an age where we make a gazillion decisions on the fly each day. Some more important to the betterment of ourselves, others more trivial; some are to do with friends and family, others are just plain old broken record type decisions. But at some point, we all question our ability to make the right decision, not the popular decision, not the decision with the best financial outcome but the decision that we intrinsically feel is the right one for the situation we find ourselves in.

At some point, we question the trust in ourselves.

To overcome this lack of trust, when left untouched for extended periods, is the real challenge. When it sinks so far into our mind that we begin to believe we don’t have the fitting capacity. Every action we take, every move we make is filled with a subtext of lacking trust. To be stuck in a crossroads, based on the assumption that we are not good enough, can drive even the sharpest minds to insanity.

We perceive a lack of trust as unfavourable, yet it is a manifestation of the mind. A seed we alone have created, planted and now are realising it’s poisoned fruits. To say this is a state of indecision is false, for it would cause fragmentation leading to confusion and conflict, despair and disintegration. We have to be confident of who we are and the risks we are willing to undertake. At a fundamental level, we take a moment to recognise the trust in ourselves, the infinite reservoir of trust, the one we use every waking second of our existence.

How can we say “I don’t trust myself”?

From the moment we are conceived, we are trusting ourselves, trusting the inner intelligence of the human body to develop the fetus into a living, breathing human. From the moment we take our first breath, we trust ourselves to maintain the physiological functions of the body for the rest of our lifetime.

An intrinsic trust woven into the fabric that is our body and mind is always present.

Some call it nature; others call it instinct, sometimes it’s referred to as intuition. Ultimately, they are all describing elaborately, an ever-present confidence in oneself to act accordingly. We can never be 100% certain of the actions we take; there’s the element of risk in everything. A piece of us that thinks better of what we have done or will do. In reality, it’s an adventure; the secret to a good life has to be in the ability to take chances knowing that we have trust in ourselves.

Who wants to live in boredom, for eternity executing the easy option. Where’s the growth, the fun. Where’s the trust?

The answer — Look in the mirror, it’s staring right back at you.

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